Discipline Changes at Middle School

Discipline Changes at Middle School

February 2, 2018


Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s),


Recently there have been some procedural changes at the middle school that were the result of a meeting with the teachers and administration. Concerns were expressed about bullying, rough housing in the halls, and discipline incidents in the classroom. The committee brainstormed possible solutions on how to address the issues.


To reduce the hall related problems, the trial solution is to use a one directional flow of traffic when changing classes: this eliminates students moving opposite directions and reduces the number of students passing in the halls. The directional flow in conjunction with more staff presence in the halls during the class change hopefully will make the situation better.


The current discipline policy was reviewed and refined to a system designed to intervene with lower level discipline and increased parent communication that educates students on how to better handle problematic situations. If students do continue to misbehave, the severity of consequences will increase. The design also allows for positive intervention.  Students that comply with the rules and procedures will be rewarded with a fun, leisurely school activity in which they can choose to participate.


Please understand that the Northern Cambria staff strives every day to make your child(rens) school day a safe, enjoyable, positive experience. These changes are being implemented with those goals in mind. The current procedures will be evaluated and adjusted if necessary. Please contact the office at (814) 948-5880 if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you.


Yours in Education,


Dr. Joy L. Tibbott